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The term “creeping obesity” refers to the common occurrence of gradually gaining unwanted pounds as one ages. Keep in mind, however, that this is just a term to describe a trend; it is not a medical phrase for an unavoidable situation. You can fight back against creeping obesity, and I can help provide the arsenal. We will work as allies to assess your eating habits so that I can provide insight into your daily caloric needs; approximate the percentage of fat, carbohydrate, and protein you consume on an average day; demystify the processes of reading food labels and determining actual daily servings from the various food groups; and ultimately recommend a sensible approach to help you claim victory in the battle of the bulge. Though it’s impossible for me to sit with you for every meal, I’ll arm you with the information you need to make the right tactical choices on your own.  Salute!
Your body is your most important possession. Above all else, your physique and level of fitness will determine not only how long you live, but also the quality of life you will enjoy. Additionally, consider this: Material possessions will never say as much as your body about how well you live. You can own a mansion and have several expensive cars, but when you leave the house and step out of the Mercedes Benz, more than 90 percent of your human interactions will occur in public settings where you are largely judged by your physical appearance. On a more personal level, there is no greater moment of truth than when you look in the mirror and down at the scale every morning. How much do you like what you see? Is there room for improvement? The bottom line is that the better you look and feel, the more likely you are to lead a long, enriched life and reap the everyday social benefits of physical fitness.