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I’ll consult with you about your goals, current routine, time commitments for training, and exercise-related likes and dislikes, all of which will allow me to suggest a customized program that has variety yet targets key bodyparts or meets overall fitness objectives. Then, we'll have hands-on sessions to prep you for following the program on your own. Don’t go another day aimlessly training or “making it through” a workout; I can provide direction and increase the “fun” factor!
Let’s face it, your workouts take place during precious free time that you could spend in so many other ways. There is no question of your need to train, but in sacrificing the pursuit of other activities, you should have a workout program that is both productive and enjoyable. Perhaps you’ve culled your routine from websites and videos and wonder if it’s right for you, or maybe you’re growing bored of doing the same exercises in the same sequence session after session, then you owe it to yourself to enlist my help.